Construction Equipment Defects

Construction can be a dangerous job. Large quantities of building materials require heavy machinery and skilled operation to make progress on the construction. These jobs require great skill, care, and caution. However even the most experienced construction worker or cautious bystander could fall victim to incredibly dangerous and even deadly accidents if the machinery involved in construction is malfunctioning or defective. These situations are impossible to foresee if they do occur and can effect everyone who interacts with the site- innocent bystanders as well as construction workers. It is important, therefore, to be wary of these dangers and to acknowledge the possibility of this potential danger.

An Oklahoma personal injury lawyer may point out that common consequences of equipment defects include: crane collapses, scaffolding collapses, and electrocutions. Crane collapses can involve a lack of support built into the crane mast, a failure to properly bolt down the crane, or over extended boons. Scaffolding collapses can involve the use of weak or old materials for the scaffolding, defective or missing brake on suspended scaffolds, and defective or missing fall safety systems. Electrocutions can be caused by faulty power strips, faulty power tools, faulty cords attached to power tools, and faulty extension cords. Improper maintenance can occur with any of the machines or materials. If they are not properly maintained, the risk of injury increases exponentially. All of these situations great increase the chance for accident and injury and should be avoided by the equipment manufacturers at all times.

Sometimes construction accidents are just that – accidents. They are unavoidable. However, in cases involving defective or malfunctioning construction equipment, these accidents could have been prevented and occurred due to the negligence or carelessness of the equipment’s manufacturer. In these cases, the victim of such an accident may be owed certain damages.

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