Is Your Insurance Acting in Bad Faith?

Whether you live in a coastal area or not, you are still prone to a variety of natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, hailstorms, and storm surges. These may result into injuries and property damages – either has its own respective financial burdens.

The last thing you want on such scenarios are insurance problems, especially if you rightfully deserve coverage. The website of K2 Consulting & Services, LLC has mentioned that insurance companies have the tendency to give their clients less.

But how can you know if your insurance is acting in bad faith? Below are some of the most common signs.

Denying legitimate claims

You have already submitted the necessary documents, including hospital bills from injuries and repair bills from property damages. Still, the insurance company is denying you coverage, even though the policy clearly includes these things.

Giving coverage immediately

Sometimes, it is not about the denial of coverage. There are instances where insurance companies immediately approve claims, but with a twist – they are giving coverage that is way less than what the client deserves, but they give it immediately to give the client the impression that at least his claim has been approved.

Delaying the claim study

Insurance companies will investigate whether your claim is valid or not. That is understandable, but sometimes, they may intentionally delay the investigation directly, by saying that they have other claims to investigate or the claim is complicated enough to warrant a long process, or indirectly, by making unnecessary demands and extensive documents. The intention here is to make the process as stressful as possible, so you will give up in pursuing your claim.

Not paying properly on approved claims

Not because you claim has an approved coverage it already means that you are secured. There are instances where even approved claims don’t get what they deserve. Usually, it manifests this way – the insurance company will intentionally delay the coverage payments, with the hope that the stress will make you stop pursuing them.

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The Extraordinary Benefits of Drinking Calcium Bentonite Clay

Calcium Bentonite Clay, also called Earth’s natural clay, is sourced from the Mojave Desert, where it began to form thousands of years ago, specifically during the periods of volcanic eruptions. This powerful detoxifier is actually a compound of trace minerals in their original, natural form. This clay also has a powerful negative ionic charge that contributes to a feeling of well-being, enhances the immune defenses, reduces susceptibility to colds and flu, and provides relief from migraine headaches, allergies and hay fever. It combats positive ions, also known as free radicals, which are more plentiful in today’s environment than in times past, and which create an electrical imbalance in the atmosphere and in our bodies. Positive ion or free radicals are known to cause damage to cells and are believed to cause our health to degenerate, accelerate aging and cancer. Positive ions are what comprise toxins, impurities, viruses and pollutants.

Most people, however, associate bentonite clay only with face masks and body wraps – which are for external use. This clay, however, can also be mixed with water and taken as a tonic that is safe enough to drink even on a daily basis.

As drinking clay, Calcium Bentonite has become more popular as more and more people are beginning to look for natural and time-tested remedies, especially for common ailments. One of the most common uses for bentonite clay is intestinal detoxifier. Many people suffering from digestive issues, such as acid reflux, heartburn, food allergies, leaky gut, and irritable bowel syndrome can benefit from drinking clay. Calcium bentonite clay is also used to clear up skin conditions, like eczema.

Skin is known as a backup system for the liver; thus, when the liver organ is overtaxed, it is the skin that takes on additional detoxification functions. However, the skin can get overwhelmed, as well. This is evidenced by skin problems, such as rashes, psoriasis, and eczema. By drinking food grade bentonite clay, the gut is cleansed of toxins, irritants, allergens, parasites and other harmful and toxic elements that the liver would ordinarily process.

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Elements of Wire Fraud

Like any white collar crime, wire fraud should be taken seriously. Wire fraud involves the same elements of any other fraud, with the inclusion of the use of electronic media. Wire fraud is a federal offense and therefore is investigated by the federal government. Cases of wire fraud are usually carefully and heavily investigated. According to the Horst Law Firm, federal prosecutors take an aggressive stance toward anyone they suspect of attempting to commit fraud in order to maintain the legitimacy of the marketplace. All of these factors mean that wire fraud accusations should be taken seriously.

The United States Department of Justice outlines the elements of wire fraud. The first element of any fraud is the intent to deceive. This deception involves the defendant participating in a scheme with the intention of earning money. Intent is an important part of any fraud that must be proven by the federal prosecutors. In the case of wire fraud, the accused must not only have intended to defraud another party, but it must have been reasonably foreseeable that interstate wire communications would be used to enact the scheme. Interstate wire communications could include telephone calls, fax machines, television, or even the Internet. Finally, the prosecutors must prove that the defendant used wire communications in the course of the fraud.

Wire fraud schemes can take many forms. A common example of wire fraud that uses the telephone is a telemarketing fraud. A telemarketing fraud is a fairly simple scheme that involves someone calling a target, making a false statement, and then misrepresenting his or herself in order to deceive the target. Some common forms of this scheme include the caller pretending to be a company requesting access to the target’s computer in order to fix a pretend virus. The general goal of all telemarketing schemes is to discover the target’s personal information in order to gain access to his or her bank account. The Nigerian Prince scam is possibly the most infamous example of this type of scam and involves the use of email rather than the telephone. Although there are many variations on wire scams, most of them attempt to discover a person’s personal information and all of them intend to defraud targets out of money.

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Signs And Symptoms of Elderly Physical Abuse

Sending an elderly family member to a nursing home is one of the toughest decisions. When you have decided to send the elderly to these facilities, you expect the best treatment for your loved one. The bad news is that life for the elderly in these facilities is much more difficult. The website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC reveal that the elderly end up being abused in the facility where they were sent.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers physical abuse as a form of maltreatment. This usually happens in elderly people who are more than 60 years of age. Physical abuse may usually come from a caregiver, acquaintance, nurse, doctor, family, or other persons.

Elderly physical abuse may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Broken, fractured, or dislocated bones
  • Scars or bruises that appears on both sides of the body
  • Broken eyeglasses or other personal belongings
  • Drug overdose or refusal to take medicines
  • Rope marks on wrists which indicates restraint
  • Repeated falls or injuries, or previous injuries left untreated when they happened
  • Blood or discharge coming from the nose, mouth, or even genitals

Failure to report physical abuse of an elderly can have serious consequences. It may result to bleeding or infections. If not treated immediately, physical abuse may result to serious health and emotional problems. If done repeatedly, the elderly can become seriously injured or even die. It may also cause depression on the part of the elderly.

Elderly people are prone to being abused because of their frail body and declining health. Likewise, caregivers or even the family members of the elderly may no longer have the patience to care for them. As a result, they will just hurt them to the point of seriously injuring them or even causing their death. Getting physically abused is certainly not the way elderly people would want to spend their last few years.

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What Causes Falling Debris In Construction Sites?

The construction site is an inherently dangerous place to be in. It is full of hazards that can cause serious injuries to construction workers. The website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg reveals that these risks can be greatly reduced by putting in place safety regulations and implement safe working practices. One of the biggest hazards in the construction site are falling debris. Here are some of the reasons for falling debris in the construction site:

Insufficient barricades. Pedestrians should maintain a safe distance when passing by a construction site to prevent being injured from falling debris. The owner of the construction site must ensure that there are enough barriers near zones where there are falling objects.

Insufficient signage. There should be clearly visible signs around the construction site instructing workers to place their hard hats.

Failure to inspect equipment. Falling debris happen as a result of equipment being defective and weak. They can be subjected to wear and tear. Hooks, cords, and other devices that secure objects to cranes, hoists, and other objects have become old and weak. They should be regularly checked as they are subject to wear and tear.

Failing to secure tools and equipment. Tools are commonly the cause of falling debris related injuries. They should be properly secured so they would not fall on other people.

Not installing nets and other stopgap measures. Nets can help catch falling objects which can hit innocent bystanders or pedestrians.

It is the job of the contractor to ensure a safe and conducive environment for workers. Injuries due to falling debris can give authorities a reason to review the safety policies of the construction company. If it can be proven that the construction site was unsafe, the contractor can be sued and held liable for any injuries that workers or others who were harmed incurred. The victims of the accident may be entitled to receive compensation.

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