Proper Motorcycle Training

North America is a beautiful continent with vast, wide open spaces and beautiful scenic drives, so it is no wonder that motorcycles are incredibly popular here. Combined with the sense of community shared between bikers, the drive to own and ride a bike is natural, but operating a motorcycle is not very similar to driving, so proper training is needed first. Motorcycle accidents are some of the most serious due to the lack of safety features, and many drivers neglect to check for motorcycles on the road. In Ontario, Canada, the biker community is trying to reduce the number of accidents by ensuring people are properly educated and trained in handling a motorcycle.

 Dan Redekop, The head of a nonprofit motorcycle training academy in London, Ontario called Learning Curves Foundation, claims that the entire process for issuing motorcycle permits needs an overhaul, according to this article from CBC news. The law as it is right now allows anyone 16 or older to ride any kind of motorcycle during the day on Ontario roads up to 80km/hr (50mph) as long as they pass a vision test and a written traffic safety test. Anyone can do this, even those without a regular driving permit. Two people died in motorcycle accidents in London during Canada Day Weekend in July, and Redekop thinks that the death rate will slow if adequate training is mandatory. He advocates for implementing a licensing system like Europe, where there are a different license and training program required to ride bikes of different sizes and engine power. Until then, the goal of his foundation is to provide education and training for those who want to ride motorcycles, starting out on small bikes and gradually moving to large ones. Local London bike shop owner Gordon Inglis agrees, and he will refuse to sell a large bike to an inexperienced driver.

 It is excellent that members of the biker community in Ontario are looking out for each other and trying to educate others about motorcycle safety. However, the sad reality is that even when adequate training is provided, motorcyclists are still the most at risk for injury or death due to the faults of other drivers. Motorcycles are small and fast, and even when you do everything right something awful could happen. For cases like these, motorcycle accident lawyers in Toronto can protect you, especially since most people are quick to blame the biker unfairly. Knowing resources as these exist are helpful, but frequent training and keeping up to date on motorcycle safety are invaluable. 

The Ministry of Transportation implemented the motorcycle permit law in the 80s according to the article, and times have changed since then; there are more drivers on the road, and there are more distractions available. It may take a while for the law to be revised, if it ever is, and so it is more important than ever than bikers living in Ontario seek out proper training.

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