What Causes Falling Debris In Construction Sites?

The construction site is an inherently dangerous place to be in. It is full of hazards that can cause serious injuries to construction workers. The website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg reveals that these risks can be greatly reduced by putting in place safety regulations and implement safe working practices. One of the biggest hazards in the construction site are falling debris. Here are some of the reasons for falling debris in the construction site:

Insufficient barricades. Pedestrians should maintain a safe distance when passing by a construction site to prevent being injured from falling debris. The owner of the construction site must ensure that there are enough barriers near zones where there are falling objects.

Insufficient signage. There should be clearly visible signs around the construction site instructing workers to place their hard hats.

Failure to inspect equipment. Falling debris happen as a result of equipment being defective and weak. They can be subjected to wear and tear. Hooks, cords, and other devices that secure objects to cranes, hoists, and other objects have become old and weak. They should be regularly checked as they are subject to wear and tear.

Failing to secure tools and equipment. Tools are commonly the cause of falling debris related injuries. They should be properly secured so they would not fall on other people.

Not installing nets and other stopgap measures. Nets can help catch falling objects which can hit innocent bystanders or pedestrians.

It is the job of the contractor to ensure a safe and conducive environment for workers. Injuries due to falling debris can give authorities a reason to review the safety policies of the construction company. If it can be proven that the construction site was unsafe, the contractor can be sued and held liable for any injuries that workers or others who were harmed incurred. The victims of the accident may be entitled to receive compensation.

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