4 Low Maintenance Additions to Your Landscaping

While you are deciding whether or not you would like to invest in a beautiful landscape, you must first decide on how much time and effort you are willing to put into caring for your landscape. Some aspects of your landscape such as plants require much more attention than a tree or shrub. Therefore, you must determine how much of your time, outside of initially planting your plants, that you are willing to commit to taking care of your landscape. Flowers can require an extensive amount of attention such as daily watering and weekly de-weeding. If you are quite often on a busy schedule or simply do not want to spend that much time tending to your landscape, we have created a list of low maintenance additions that you can add to your landscape. Low maintenance landscape additions include the following:

  1. Hosta– Hostas provide consistency throughout the year because they can survive nearly anything. This blue-ish green perennial is a favorite throughout the Midwest because they are so flexible to the weather and beautiful.
  2. Catmint– Catmint is a purplish-blue bloom that is drought-tolerant and deer-resistant. Catmint will add fragrant foliage to any Midwestern home.
  3. Peonies– Peonies are color-packed flowers that can brighten anyone’s day and add a great addition to the centerpiece of your table. Peonies are a great way to bring that pop of color to your garden.
  4. Russian sage– Russian sage is great for the Midwest because it is very tolerant of the heat and drought. This plant is a cool blue color and mixes well with all colors throughout your garden. This plant is unique because it attracts bees, but not rabbits or deer so your garden will flourish without being damaged by rabbits or deer.

Note: For Chicago and the surrounding Chicago suburbs, it is critical to plant in the spring to avoid the harsh winter. Your plants will survive subsequent winter, but they need time to grow before they can do that so remember to always plant in the spring and in some cases, mulch again after the first hard frost and avoid contact with salt to ensure that your plants will survive.

Although these are low maintenance additions to your beautiful landscape, most of them do require professional installing. Low maintenance plants and shrubs do have their downfall, however. Like many things, the more work you put into your landscape and invest into it, the more you will see a beautiful result. If you are interested in more high maintenance greenery, let a Chicago landscaper at Ware Landscaping & Snow Removal take care of your landscape for you. We understand the busy life you live may not always leave time for the beautiful landscape you deserve so we are here to help you maintain your landscape. Call us today to discuss how we can best assist you with the landscape of your dreams.

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