Things To Do In Louisville, Kentucky

When you hear Kentucky, the first thing that comes to mind (at least a majority of people) is the Kentucky Derby. A visit to the Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby, a yearly horse race is held, would make a stop at Louisville complete, but it is not the only great attraction there is in the city. Being the largest city in the state of Kentucky, Louisville is a place that has defined itself in accordance to its own terms. Established and respected traditions are matched equally with bright exciting comfortable urban areas.

Louisville is home to a number of important museums, housing a number of artifacts and memorabilia. The Kentucky Derby Museum is home to a great number of racing antiquities, with fine art with interactive displays that highlights thoroughbred racing as well as the history of the Kentucky derby. Louisville also has the Frazier History Museum that has a great collection of armor, arms, and any history-related artifacts, and there is one of Louisville’s popular Speed Art Museum. For those who want to see more art and installations, there is the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and the Kentucky Science Center.

For those who enjoy the outdoors and seek the beauty of nature, Louisville is known for its attractive parks. Designed by distinguished landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, the Louisville Waterfront Park has become the gold standard for cities who wish to make the best out of their greenspace. The city is dedicated in reclaiming their public space that they have started the project “Parklands of Floyds Fork” in their quest to be known as the “City of Parks”. Aside from the ongoing Parklands, there is also the Jefferson Memorial Forest and Cherokee Park which offers great walking, hiking and biking trails. There are so many interesting attractions in Louisville that it gives visitors authentic and surprising experience.

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4 Great Places in Appleton To Grab a Drink

After a long day – either spent for business or pleasure – sometimes, all you want at the end of that long day is a good drink while surrounded by good friends. For whatever reason that you may have found yourself in Appleton, WI, there are a few places around this quaint, quiet town that can provide exactly just that.

The Deja vu Martini Lounge, for example, serve some of the most popular martinis around. Attentive staff, comprised of bartenders who are always quick and happy on their feet, can be found to serve you. Live music, providing an ample space and place where you can unwind and just have fun with your friends for a few hours, this place can offer it all. You can even plan a fun Friday night here as they have themed nights that are sure to be awesome. Some themes that have transpired around this lounge are themes like zombie prom nights or even an 80s themed night – one that promises fun and a night to remember!

Looking for something more low-key and homey? Well, The Leg Lamp Lodge can certainly offer up on that front. More than just drinks, they offer a place that closely resembles those rustic lodges and the scent of oak-polish, filled memories of those classic MTV music videos and movie sets of all your favorite Christmastime films. Great for grownups and children alike, this is the perfect place to just put your feet up for a little while and take in the Appleton scene for everything it has to offer.

Right next to Heid (Music), where else would be a more appropriate place for Dr Jekyll’s? More than just a clever pun, this is the place to get a good drink and be certain of a good time, every single time. The decorations are a definite favorite among the patrons and long after you drive away from this town, this bar will certainly make an impression on you for as long as you live.

Lastly, you can go back to basics with your bar choice and simply just hit Jim’s Place. A regular for most college students to grab a drink after a long day filled with lectures and group projects, sometimes it’s nice for a bar to simply feel like home and Jim’s Place certainly fits that criteria. Known to most locals, this is definitely place the be to just take a deep breath of that Appleton air and cherish your time there.

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